Do you like creative stuff? Me too!

A jack of all trades is a master of none, { but oftentimes better than a master of one }

Until very recently I never knew the second half of the original saying or how validating it was to know I was on the right path to $$$

For the longest time I thought being interested in more than one field of study meant that I couldn’t ever be good at any one thing.

Turns out that isn’t the case and I am happy to have been wrong.

Everyone places so much emphasis on finding your passion and making a career out of it. Unfortunately for most it’s just really hard to figure out, especially if you work in the creative industry.

The Struggle

It’s hard but whatever you do,


I had plenty of opportunities to drop out of the creative field and work a normal job rather than pursue it as a career.

What helped me the most was when I came across this quote by Ira Glass early in my career, it truly resonated with me.

It’s probably the only reason that I actually kept pursuing creative work.

I went on to put thirty-thousand-something hours into “being creative.”

This was accomplished over a decade via several mediums to get past that phase of not being a very good creator. That journey was a lesson in diligence ( cmd + s ) and patience ( cmd + z ).

Often times in this industry you are actually required to wear a bunch of hats.

Fun Fact:

If you run your own company especially if you are a one man band it can feel like you are the busiest person in the world.

( I know of this first hand because I quit my job managing a design company to go solo and build my dreams. )

So far I have learned a lot, and might be able to help you on your journey to independence.


My expectations are much greater than running a design company. I actually want to start a few businesses and make a positive difference in my community.

Also, economic freedom and this whole digital nomad lifestyle appeals to me. Let’s figure it out together!

We are both going to do great things, and if we don’t ever get a chance to actually work together I hope we can be friends!

Doing well as a creative, like most businesses, is about who you know. Find me on the interwebz.

Looking for somewhere to start? Check out the projects I’m working on and give me a shoutout or follow my path to ultimate freedom.